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Memorable Moments

 At those times when you grab the camera to capture a great moment, it would be nice to share the memories with everyone. Below you will see small prints of some of those times. Click on the individual pictures and they will enlarge for you.


We did it again. The four of us managed to all be at the Florida Gulf Coast Dachshund Club Specialties on November 11 & 12, 2010. Great friends having a great time doing what they love...showing dachshunds.


PBD Stabler Von Links SL led the way for the 2010 Heartwalk held September 19th in Bridgton, Maine. He followed in Lyla's footsteps who walked last year. A special invitation was given to have a dachshund present. 


For the first time since 2005, the four of us were together in Florida. Emily made a trip down from Maine and Ray came from West Palm Beach. We attended dog shows in Brooksville. From left to right, Connie is holding Demon (Sebastian Von Links SL), Lucy is holding Vera (CH Stolz Guinevere v Arimich SL), Ray is holding  Maddie (PBD Madison v Dachshire SL), Emily is holding Cassie (CH Stolz Arimich Persephone SL ROMX). Vera and Demon are both Cassie's grandchildren. 

Recognition for the Dachshund Breed

On February 18, 2010, CH Discovery Von Links SL (Dissy) and Connie were invited to participate in a  show which was set up as a copy of the Westminster Dog Show. Dissy won the hound group and then competed with the other Champion group winners for Best in Show. Dissy won Best in Show. The best part of the day was Dissy's willingness to be involved with the residents of the facility. Connie was very proud of her and they had a wonderful time.

mmdissy/dissy2.jpg mmdissy/Dissy210.jpg mmdissy/dissyfeb10.JPG

Ch. Cherryhill's Yankee Doodle D

Recently, Lucy was contacted by Jennifer regarding a puppy. Jennifer had lost her beloved Doodle and was ready for a new family addition. Low and behold, Doodle was an offspring of Lucy's Bartles. Jennifer finished Doodle and two of his littermates. The photos were done by Jennifer who also has a photography business. She has chosen Taurus and he is now off to Virginia in a great new home.

Doodle/DoodleWonderWhenTheirMotherIsComingBack.jpg Doodle/DoodleWonderWhatsOnTV.jpg Doodle/DoodleWelcomeHome.jpg Doodle/DoodleToTheRescue.jpg
Doodle/DoodleSleepingIn.jpg Doodle/DoodleIncognito.jpg Doodle/DoodleILoveMyMommy.jpg Doodle/DoodleHappy12thBirthday.jpg
Doodle/DoodleBWNov04.jpg Doodle/DoodleAndJenWindyDayAtTheBeachNov2002.jpg Doodle/DoodleAndJenVaBeachOct2005.jpg Doodle/Doodle_ADipInThePool_web.jpg

CH Jumbalya Von Links SL Becomes Local Hero

Lyla recently became the official mascot for Bridgton Hospital's participation in the American Heart Association's Heartwalk 2009. Lyla was entered as a team member for the Fryeburg Family Medicine team and not only did she raise $145 in donations on her own, but walked the entire mile in the rain wearing her custom T-shirt. She took a post at the front entrance and greeted all as they arrived. Lyla loved the attention and was every part the champion.


Glamour Shots

The famed photographer, Lynn M. Stone, found the Von Links web site in February 2009. He contacted Lucy and inquired about a photo shoot. Lucy, Connie, and Mary Ellen were invited to bring some of the dachshunds for a casual session. A small part of the results are seen here.

LStone2/Kissimmee20409.jpg LStone2/Zelda90409.jpg LStone2/Thor60409.jpg LStone2/Midori50409.jpg
LStone2/Zelda40409.jpg LStone2/Zelda0409.jpg LStone2/Thor70409.jpg LStone2/Thor20409.jpg
LStone2/Midori30409.jpg LStone2/Midori20409.jpg LStone2/Mattie20409.jpg LStone2/Kissimmee40409.jpg
LStone2/Kissimmee0409.jpg LStone2/Hialeah30409.jpg LStone2/Discovery0409.jpg LStone2/Demon0409.jpg
LStone2/Challenger20409.jpg LStone2/Athena20409.jpg LStone2/Apolo0409.jpg

The gallery below is from the first photo shoot and the gallery above is from the most recent shoot done in April 2009.

LStone/Vera1002091.jpg LStone/Calvin0209.jpg LStone/Thor40209.jpg LStone/Vera40209.jpg
LStone/Trouble50209.jpg LStone/Trouble30209.jpg LStone/Thor60209.jpg LStone/Thor20209.jpg
LStone/Discovery20209.jpg LStone/Discovery0209.jpg LStone/Demon20209.jpg LStone/Calvin90209.jpg
LStone/Calvin80209.jpg LStone/Calvin30209.jpg LStone/Calvin20209.jpg LStone/Brittany30209.jpg


awards/Nikkiwinningrelease030815.jpg awards/Nikkifirstjuniorearthdogrun3030715.jpg awards/Nikkifirstjuniorearthdogrun2030715.jpg awards/Nikkifirstjuniorearthdogrun030715.jpg
awards/zoeyslate.jpg awards/bartslate.jpg awards/checkersslate.jpg awards/award1.jpg

The photos above picture three trophies given at the 2009 Tampa Bay Kennel Club Shows held in Brooksville Florida. The artist transferred images to marble and you see from left to right, CH Dan-Mars Twist Again Von Links SL, CH Bartles Von Links SL Am. Can, and CH Arimich Zinnia Von Links SL. The trophies were donated by Lucy  for Best of Variety and Winner's Bitch, and by Danny and Mary Stolz for Winner's Dog.
Lucy was approached by winners who expressed their appreciation for the artistry and uniqueness of the awards.

rayandmichael/StompandChampions.jpg rayandmichael/rayquincass.jpg rayandmichael/raycasslyla.jpg rayandmichael/rayboo2.jpg
rayandmichael/mrcl.jpg rayandmichael/michaelpup.jpg rayandmichael/cierrajr.jpg

Michael and Ray made a trip to Maine to pick up Madison and while there stayed with Emily.

Chloedachshunds/ChloeVera10308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeVera0308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeMidori10308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeMidori0308.JPG
Chloedachshunds/ChloeMegan0308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeLonnie0308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeEndeavor0308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeAmy30308.JPG
Chloedachshunds/ChloeAmy20308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeAmy10308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeAmy0308.JPG Chloedachshunds/ChloeZelda0308.JPG

Heather , Chloe, and new baby Trevor spent a week with Lucy. Chloe ,as you can see, will be the next Junior Show generation.

Rayathome/RAYANDHAVENsNOOZING.jpg Rayathome/MikeWithDogs2.jpg Rayathome/MikeWithDogs3.jpg Rayathome/HavenCardsKeepingScore.jpg
Rayathome/HavenCards4Cropped.jpg Rayathome/HavenCards3Cropped.jpg Rayathome/HavenCards2Cropped.jpg Rayathome/HavenCards1Cropped.jpg

Ray and Michael are spending some relaxing time at home, but then they always relax at home.   Haven plays cards with them and their friends every Saturday night.   Haven and Flojo were busy getting Michael's attention. Ray needed a cat nap.

kim/pooped.jpg kim/longday.jpg kim/futurehandler.jpg kim/mattagain.jpg
kim/kimsvisitbaby.jpg kim/kimsvisitmatt.jpg kim/kimsvisitfamily.jpg

The O'Connell family paid a visit to Emily and her crew. They are checking out the dachshund scene and got to see puppies and adults first hand. Kim and David found that all the dogs socialized great with Matthew, Christopher and Kaleigh. They all played inside and out. The kids wore out but, as you can see, the dogs had a full day too.

apple/pups.jpg apple/sleeping.jpg apple/kids4.jpg apple/kids5.jpg
apple/Wyatt1.jpg apple/kids3.jpg apple/tyler.jpg apple/kids2.jpg
apple/kids1.jpg apple/family.jpg apple/Wyatt2.jpg

The last Saturday of September is the Apple Festival in Cornish Maine and the annual family gathering for Emily's family. It was a sunny day with the temps in the 60's. A perfect day in every way. Plenty of food, fun, and children. The pictures include Anna, Alex, Matty, Brady, Grandpa John(all the way from Florida), Tyler, Wyatt(a family friend), Kristen, and a variety of dogs. It was a special day.

SarasotaHome0807/pm14JPG.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm14.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm13.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm12.JPG
SarasotaHome0807/pm11.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pv1.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm10.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm9.JPG
SarasotaHome0807/pm8.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm5.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pv2.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm4.JPG
SarasotaHome0807/pm3.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm2.JPG SarasotaHome0807/pm1.JPG

Lucy had a visit from a prospective family wanting a dachshund to love. As you can see, the bond was immediate and Pete and his wife will soon have their new family addition at home with them. Katie, their grandaughter will be available for helping raise the little one.

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