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I have been a dachshund owner since 1970. My first dachshund was a mini smooth named Schultz. He was a “big dog in a little body” and was with my husband and me till he was 16 years old.

After losing Schultz, we missed that unconditional love but were leery of filling the void with another dachshund. We knew he could never be replaced and had concerns that no dachshund could ever measure up to what he had given us.


We talked to our long-time vet, Dr Few, who kept saying we were dachshund people and to be patient. One day, a call came from Dr Few with the name of a lady who had a litter of longhaired standard dachshund puppies. We called and met Connie Delaney. She had 3 little boys (all named Bubba). The pups were from finished champions and the most beautiful black and tan puppies ever. After a long conversation and several hours of playing with these guys, we went home with “Middle Bubba”. He was with us till almost 17 years of age.


After getting Bub, we stayed in contact with Connie and her husband Lance. Even after I moved back to Maine from Florida, there were phone calls and visits. When I lost Bub, Connie was my first phone call. In time, she offered to help me find a puppy but, I didn’t want a puppy since I worked and felt it wouldn’t be best for the dog. She mentioned an adult needing a “pet home” which sparked my interest.

Connie put me in touch with Lucy Granowicz who had a finished champion needing the RIGHT pet home. After several phone conversations, I flew to Florida and was met at the plane by Connie, Lucy and CH Jumbalya Von Links SL (Lyla). Love at first sight.  As usual with “dachshund people”, we stayed in contact and 6 months later, Cassie needed a special home, mine. CH Stolzarimich Persephone SL ROM flew to Boston within a few days. 



The story and the friendships continue to grow. I was asked to go to the Dachshund Club of America national specialty show in Houston, Texas the next year. Lyla’s dad, CH Timbars Stompin At The Savoy was competing in the Stud Dog class and it would be great to have his champion kids with him in the ring. Off Lyla and I went to Texas. I met Ray Chaplin, Stomp’s owner and he had a daughter of Cassie’s (Bits) who he was thinking of placing in a pet home but still wanted to breed and show. Maine ended up being a great  home for Arimich Jasmine von Links (Lil Bit or Bits).

Bits has now had her litter of pups and will try showing in this area. If she finishes her championship, Cassie, her mom, will go in the record book with her ROMO which recognizes her for outstanding offspring.


Stabler (Boo) and Olivia (Livvy) were born May 1,2007. They are the litter we promised to whelp for Bits. Livvy has a new home in Florida and Boo is back home with me. Boo sired a litter of 7 with Vera (Ch Stolz Guinevere v Arimich SL) who has now retired in Maine with me. Vera is the daughter of Quintessa.


CH Stolz Quintessa v Blancato SL had been placed in a pet home but was not adjusting well. I got a phone call and Quin was here within a week. She was shy, but has learned all the ropes from the other girls. She recently competed in my niece's first Junior Showmanship competition and helped Kristen win her first point.

So, to sum up the 37 years of dachshunds, I have gone from pet owner to breeder (one litter was enough for me) to exhibitor and sponsor for AKC Junior Showmanship.


I almost forgot PUPPY. A very large stray mix breed came to my back door one day. I told him that Bubba lived there and that he could come in to meet him. If Bub was ok with it, he could stay. He has been with me for 7 years and loves all the girls.


CH Stolz Arimich Persephone SL ROMX

Cassie passed over Rainbow Bridge Febuary 20, 2010. With the memories of an impressive show career and champion offspring, she will be sorely missed.

CH Jumbalya Von Links SL

Lyla joined Cassie over Rainbow Bridge on December 24, 2010. Gone too soon but never forgotten.

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