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Meet Bailey

Meet Ray

Ray and Michael with Maddie, Haven, Kaleigh, Stomp and Flojo

Ray Chaplin
       West Palm Beach, Fl


I have owned (or been owned by) standard dachshunds since 1969, at first smooths and then longhairs.  The first show dog was CH Joy-Dens Uber, purchased as a pet, who came from well known breeder Joyce Warren in 1990.  Then someone told me he was a real SHOW DOG!! He finished in 2 months, was at one time ranked #7 in the country, and I was hooked by the show bug!!  That dog just loved to show.  He also earned the Canine Good Citizen rating and was a certified therapy dog.


             CH Joy-Dens Uber

                       (CH Joy-Dens Free Spirit SL X CH Joy-Dens Heavenly Body SL)


Next along came Wal-Mar’s Iris from Wally and Mary Jones.  The intent was to do a line breeding with Uber  (Iris’ sire was Uber’s grandsire) but it didn’t happen.  Iris finished with two five point majors at dachshund specialties. 

        CH Wal-Mar’s Iris
                       (CH Moondachs Arapahoe X CH Wal-Mar’s Madge V Boondox)


At that point I guess you could say I got pretty involved in the dog world !!  I am a member of the Florida East Coast Dachshund Club (FECDC) and the Dachshund Club of America (DCA).  I was treasurer of FECDC and sat on the board for a good number of years, headed up a number of committees, and along with all the other club members worked very hard to produce a truly terrific mini roundup in 2002.  For DCA I chaired Region V (the 11 southeast US states) for four years, was show chairman for the regional specialties, and have served on the DCA Nominating Committee.  I am also the DCA rescue coordinator for Florida and handle a lot of breeder referrals.  The years that the Eukanuba Invitational show was held in Tampa Lucy, Connie and I, along with Mary Ellen Byrne and Helga Paule, assisted by several other DCA members who lent us their time and their dogs,  set up and staffed the Meet the Breed booth.  We had hundreds of people stop at the booth and inquire about our breed.  I've judged sweepstakes at several dachshund and  basset hound specialty shows, a beagle match, and all breed shows sponsored by the Canine Kennel Club.

Fast forward to 2011 and 2012.   In December,  2011 the Eukanuba Invitational was again held in Florida, this time in Orlando, and once again Lucy, Connie and I stepped up to the plate and along with other great helpers, set up and staffed the Meet the Breed booth.  Pictures of the booth are coming.  Also, I'm very proud to be the incoming president of the Florida East Coast Dachshund Club and hope to continue to guide it on the path of accomplishment it has enjoyed.

Then I was told there was a very nice puppy in Seattle and I bought him sight unseen relying on the expertise of the people who’d seen him, and that’s how Stomp came into my life.  This isn’t the best picture we have of Stomp but it’s my favorite since it was taken at the show where he beat the #1 ranked longhair in the country shown by a well known professional handler.

         Multiple BISS CH Timbars Stompin at the Savoy
                      (Am/Can CH Barkerville Zeus X Timbars Mood Music SL)


Stomp finished his championship very easily and went on to a nice career as a special and as a stud dog.  The year he was campaigned he ended the year #17 in all breed points and #21 in breed points.  Always owner handled he won multiple specialty shows and beat 8 out of the top 10 that year.  We had a very good time!!  He's now 13 1/2, healthy and happy in retirement.

We bred Stomp to Iris (the “Millennium” litter) and had three feisty black and tan puppies, 2 dogs and a bitch, Tookie, Bugsy and Millie.  They didn't turn out to be exactly what we wanted for the show ring but this is a cute picture taken at a show where Millie went winners bitch and Tookie went winners dog.  I’m showing Tookie and Heather Denham, Lucy’s daughter, has Millie.


Tookie now has a fantastic home with our good friends Carol and Bob Jackson in Miami and Millie is with a wonderful couple in Delray Beach.  Just coincidentally, she is the second bitch named Millie I have placed with them.  The first Millie lived a long happy life and Millie Too will also I’m sure.

Stomp’s next two litters were out of Darla and Cassie, bitches owned by Lucy.   Take a look at the Our Champions page to see how these breedings turned out.

Hilldox Heaven On Earth L
(CH Carlins Bermarg PHD L X CH Carlins All Saints Eve L)


Finally, Haven (pictured above) came into our lives.  She was 4 years old and had a sad history.  She was not at all socialized and extremely fearful of everything.  As far as I know she had always been crated or lived in a kennel and utterly ignored, although cared for physically.  I don’t think anyone had ever paid any attention to her, and it showed.  She’s a beautiful bitch and very well bred.  We worked and worked with her to overcome her fears, and she has gradually developed into a happy, playful house dog who gets along well with the other dogs and our human friends, but outside of her own environment the old fears came back so I never could show her.  A shame too since she’s so pretty. 

We decided to breed Haven and Stomp, and got a very nice litter, 4 dogs and 1 bitch, all red.  Two of the boys, Blue and Sam,  went to homes where they are spoiled and well loved.  Golden Boy (Neo) went to a show home in Idaho where he finished easily. Thor went to Connie and Lance Delaney's home and Connie showed him to his championship very capably.


CH PBD Golden Boy SL
(CH Timbars Stompin At The Savoy X Hilldox Heaven On Earth L)

CH PBD J Thorpe ‘The Bright Path’ SL
(CH Timbars Stompin At The Savoy X Hilldox Heaven On Earth L)


Flojo was the only girl in the litter and I kept her.  She’s a sweetie and very anxious to please her humans.  She is currently showing and needs only one more major to finish her championship.  She will be number 8 for Stomp. 

                                                    PBD Fabulous Flojo SL 
                   (CH Timbars Stompin At The Savoy X Hilldox Heaven On Earth L)



Am/Can CH Dachshire Main Event v Caldach
(AM/Can CH Caldach’s Lord Of The Isles X CH Dachshire Black Gold L ROM)


Stomp was bred to Kaleigh, pictured above, a lovely bitch.  She is co-owned by Ray and Cheryl Snedaker-Sims in New Hampshire.  Kaleigh was shown at the Westminster Kennel Club show at the Garden in New York in February, 2008.  The picture was taken at the Dachshund Club of America national specialty show in October, 2009 where she won an Award of Merit, defeating a large number of other champions in so doing.

Maddie is the puppy we selected out of that breeding .  She has grown up to be a pretty young bitch,  very correct.  She's an energetic handful around the house and sure helps to keep the older dogs active.  They have to be to keep out of her way!  She's been shown very successfully and is now a Grand Champion working toward the Bronze Level Grand Championship!!  It is now time, though, to take her out of the ring and breed her.  I'd just love to have a litter of pups as pretty as she is.

We'll keep you posted.