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What Does It Mean

The terminology and workings of the show and breeder worlds are often greek to the pet owner. In an effort to bring these worlds together, this page will offer explanations and answer questions regarding how it all works.

What's In A Name


Recently we were asked what all the components of the dogs name stood for and the answer is:

"CH" at the beginning of the name means the dog is a finished champion -  has been shown and earned the AKC required number of points ( 15 total points with two major wins of 3 points or more) to "finish". The number of points in a win is determined by the number of dogs that compete for the win. The dog receives a certificate from AKC and the status is permanently registered with AKC and affixed to the dog's registered name.

Von Links, PBD, CAD, and Arimich are all kennel names. This is a way for the world to quickly identify the dog's breeder.

The next portion of the name may be long or short because it is the actual name of the dog. It often represents a theme for the litter which is personal to the breeder, such as on the puppy page for Olivia and Stabler from Law and Order.  ( I'm still waiting for Winkin, Blinkin and Nod to be chosen).

Next, you may again find a kennel name. It depends on the breeders and the number of characters already in the name.

And just to make things even more confusing, the name by which the dog is called, his "call name", often has absolutely nothing to do with his registered name.

"SL" represents the variety of the dachshund breed. The breed has three coats -  long (L), smooth (S) and wire (W). There are two sizes in each coat, standard (S) and miniature (M - 11 pounds or less). Thus the dog can be identified by adding a combination of these initials to its name, ie SL represents Standard Long and MS represents Mini Smooth etc.

ROM (Register of Merit) or ROMX (Register of Merit Excellent)  designates a dog that has met Dachshund Club of America guidelines for producing champion offspring. The dog can receive higher rankings as more offspring earn their championships and as the champion offspring accomplish more prestigious wins. "Cassie" has her ROM and qualifies for an ROMX. She has one offspring left to finish her championship and she would then be an ROMO (Register of Merit Outstanding). Stomp is working on his ROM.

BIS or BISS  indicates a Best In Show or Best in Specialty Show  win. This is indeed an accomplishment that brings great pride for the dog and owner.

So now you know how to decipher all the names like CH Stolzarimich Persephone SL ROM, "Cassie", and Multiple BISS CH Timbars Stompin At The Savoy, "Stomp".
                                                              Next Question !!!


                                 Let’s Go To A Dog Show

For the sake of simplicity, we will take you to dog shows in which most of the dogs on this site have competed.

All Breed Show means that any AKC registered breed may enter and compete. The Westminster Kennel Club show is an example. Mind you, Westminster is a special all breed show just for champions.

Specialty Show means only a single AKC registered breed is eligible to enter. Specialty shows are sponsored by a specific breed club such as the Dachshund Club of America.

Our dachshunds for the most part are entered in conformation where the dog is judged on how closely it meets the breed standard.  The breed standard defines all aspects of the breed, such as structure, appearance, movement and temperament. Click on the AKC link to view the breed standards.

It’s a great day and the show is taking place outside. We find which ring and what time the dachshunds are showing. When we arrive at the ring, the beautiful creatures are lining up to start. But OH MY, all we see are longs!  When dachshunds show, they are divided into the three varieties, longs, smooths, and wires. The three coats are not judged together.

Next we notice there are a lot of dogs but only a few at a time enter the ring. The competition is divided into classes determined by gender, age and there are a couple of weird ones that we won’t go into. The class entries are not finished champions but are working towards it.

Each class has a winner and gets a ribbon but there are no points involved. The class winners go back in the ring together and the judge will choose a Winners Dog and a Winners Bitch. These are the only two competitors which are awarded points toward their championships.
Are you still with me?

Now Winners Dog and Winners Bitch go back in the ring with the specials entries (already finished champions) and the Best of Variety is picked. Just to give everyone a chance, the judge also awards a Best of Opposite Sex (opposite gender of the Best of Variety winner).  The judge will also select Best of Winners which is the better of Winners Dog and Winners Bitch.

The Best of Variety winner will go to the Hound Group and if they win there, will go to the Best in Show competition.

What a day! I’m tired. Let’s go eat.

The italicized words in this text are found on the signs in the pictures throughout this site. We are so proud of all that our dogs have accomplished.

American Kennel Club, click for breed standards


                            HOW'S YOUR VOCABULARY

There are words and terms in the dog world which you may see so let's try to give you a start at their meanings.

Bitch  is used to describe the female gender and is no way intended to be offensive while the male gender is referred to as a Dog . These terms are frequently heard in the show and grooming areas.

Sire describes the male dog who fathers a litter.
Dam  describes the mother of the litter.  

Miniature dachshunds (minis) are distinguished by weight. A mini can be no more than 11 pounds as an adult.  A dachshund heavier than that is considered to be a standard.                         



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